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Our Aims and Goals

Holmes Healthy Solutions provides healthy food and beverage products to organizations that seek alternatives to traditional vending products. Our mission is to provide consumers with access to healthier food and beverage options. Not only do we provide consumers with

healthier choices, we educate them on the benefits in adopting healthy snacking behaviors. Creating a well balanced life comes from not only eating well, but also knowing how eating well effects every other aspect of our lives.

About the Owner

Sharnece Holmes is a Washington, DC native who has always been an advocate for healthy living since she was a young child. From eating well to exercising regularly, she tries to make sure that she takes care of herself by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But as a working professional in the corporate industry, she found it difficult to find foods that met her nutritional needs, and that were easily accessibl​e. All of the foods and beverages she came across in traditional vending machines were filled with items that slowed her down and reduced her productive and quality of life. However, it was during a family tragedy that Holmes Healthy Solutions was born. She wanted to create a place where people didn’t have to comprise their nutritional needs for sustenance or feel dissatisfied with the food that they ate. It was her passion to promote health and wellness and her desire to improve her family's health, that inspired Sharnece to make her dream and reality. She believes that nutritious food and beverages can still be delicious without sacrificing taste, and is excited to share her vision with the world!

Healthy Vending


Many people have their own ideas of what it means to eat healthy. It could be as simple as eating baked potato chips or drinking a diet coke. But what a lot of people don’t know is that healthy is an ongoing lifestyle choice that requires balance and moderation. It is also tailored to each individual’s lifestyle, especially if they have dietary restrictions or limitations. According to the American Heart Association, in 2010 a poor diet was the single leading contributor to premature death in the United States. Moreover, nearly two out of three American adults and one out of three American children are overweight or obese.

Poor eating habits due to convenience, has become an overarching reason that is contributing to the health disparities in this country. As a method of nutrition intervention, many states have started to implement healthy food programs in schools and government facilities. Additionally, federal regulations have been instated to ensure that vending machine products are being labeled with calorie information so consumers can visibly see before purchasing. Employers are incorporating healthy food options into their workplace wellness programs, which has shown to lower employer healthcare costs.

Vending healthy is an approach that allows for nutritious foods to be located in convenient places. It gives consumers options to allow them not to sacrifice their health for proximity. Bringing foods that serve a variety of dietary needs, our machines offer products that are:

  • Low calorie

  • Low fat

  • No high fructose corn syrup

  • No trans fat

  • Low sugar

Some of our product offerings are:

  • Organic

  • Gluten free

  • Whole Grain

Why Eat Healthy?

The rate of diseases and health aliments that are plaguing our society is growing at an alarming rate. Childhood obesity Creating environments that promote healthy eating helps eliminate temptation to consume foods that are harmful to our diets. With the rate of childhood obesity steadily increasing and the rise of diabetes in the healthcare forefront, having easy access to healthy foods and beverages can be preventive measures to a growing problem. The majority of vending machine offerings are filled with sugary drinks and junk food selections. Frequently consuming these health decreasing foods can add to the increase risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Increasing individuals’ intake of fruits, vegetables, and nutritious snacks, is an emerging strategy to combat the growing rate of these health ailments.

According to the Center for Disease Control, it is projected that by 2050 one out of three adults will have diabetes. Additionally, obesity is one of the largest preventable chronic illnesses, which is driving up the cost of healthcare. Although integrating physical activity helps reduce the risks, establishing healthy eating habits in childhood will help minimize obesity, which is a risk factor for conditions such as hypertension, certain cancers and heart disease. By making small changes in your diet such as eating whole grains, limiting your sugar intake, and eating foods low in fat, chronic illnesses can be preventative along with regular exercise. It is also important to keep these food choices in mind when eating out. Preparing your own meals and snacks can help eliminate the temptation to buy unhealthy foods and it gives you more control over what you are putting in your body, the ingredients it’s made of and how many calories it contains. But calorie counting isn’t enough, as being aware of the nutritional value foods contain is just as important.

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