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Just 30 Minutes A Day, Can Keep The Doctor Away

So say what you will about the new world we live in, but the this ever evolving society has had us all moving at a fast pace. We are so consumed with our families, careers, and social lives, that we sometimes can forget to take care of ourselves. Lunch breaks are used running errands and as a result, we find ourselves eating at our desks or in the car, and even grabbing whatever is closest to us. The days of packing our lunch are slowly fading away, as we tell ourselves that we don’t have time to cook when we get home. Subsequently, working out falls to the wayside and before we know it, pounds have been gained and regular trips to the doctor are a common occurrence. Well I’m here to tell you that there can be a balance. There is no need to sacrifice our health in order to accomplish our daily tasks. One of the first ways to believe in this concept, is to get moving and start exercising. Moreover, dispelling the preconceived notions about how we perceive exercising.

In order to get out of the mindset that working out just isn’t for you or that you don’t have time, let’s purge the excuses. For one, exercise doesn’t have to be expensive. Traditionally, we associate exercise time with gym time. But the idea of joining a gym to meet our fitness goals can be overwhelming. First, joining a gym can mean being locked into a term contract. You are obligated to fulfill the conditions stipulated in the contract or the gym can charge you a broken contract fee. Paying a monthly membership fee is one of the conditions defined in the contract and if you skip the gym often, you could feel like you are throwing away money. Then there is the time frame of how long your contract is. Most gyms offer options where members can purchase plans that last for years. Obviously, the plan that has the most years will provide a lower monthly membership fee, but that leaves more years of paying down the membership contract. Additionally, there may be limitations on which gym location you can attend. Some chain fitness centers have multiple locations, but offer plans where the member can visit only one location, locations only in their state, or any gym location. Deciding on which plan better suits your lifestyle can become overwhelming and frustrating. Lastly, there is the issue of getting to the gym. With such demanding schedules, we often feel that there are not enough hours in the day. Now we have to find time to commute to the gym, workout, and commute back home. The pressure to find time to fit all of this in can make us want to not even bother. All of these pressures leave us to just say, I’m not going to commit to exercising and I will do it when I have time. But that time never comes and before you know it, you are unhappy with your body image and your health is on a rapid decline. However, there is hope, as just implementing a few movements into your daily routine can keep certain illnesses and diseases from appearing. By just committing to 30 minutes of exercise a day, you can still maintain your health while not feeling guilty about taking time away from your responsibilities. Furthermore, the 30 minutes do not have to be done consecutively.

One of the first and most easy methods of cramming a workout into your busy schedule is going on a walk. Use your lunch break to walk around your work area. It’s a great excuse to get some fresh air and burns calories without the hassle changing into workout clothes and showering afterwards. All you have to do is wear some comfortable shoes. Another way to incorporate 30 minutes of exercise into your busy day is using a less traditional method of transportation to get work. Instead of driving or taking public transportation, try biking to work instead. Not only are you saving money on fuel cost, but also increasing your heart rate and navigating through traffic a lot quicker. Next, try utilizing apps. There are hundreds of free apps available that provide fitness routines that you can do at home. Not to worry, the majority of the workouts don’t require any equipment and can be done whenever it is convenient for you. Also, you can use your chores around the house as a way to keep moving. When cleaning, put a little more effort in your work by focusing on the movements. Isolated movements require concentration, which burns more calories. Lastly, dance it out. Dancing is a great way to destress after a long day in addition to working multiple areas in the body. So play your favorite song or turn on the radio and start moving!

Whether you decide to walk, run, dance, or even take the stairs more, the most important thing is that you are working your muscles. Performing cardio helps decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. Just adding these changes into your daily routine can provide you with a longer life span. Of course, this is also coupled with healthy eating habits, but one step at a time is all that’s needed. Remember, the first step is making the commitment to try. The second step, is actually taking action.

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