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Farmers Market Season: The Seasonality of Summer Produce

It’s that time of year again! Many of us will be spending our summer weekends browsing the various stands at our local farmers market, tasting baked goods and inspecting this season’s fruits and vegetables. The farmers market has had a long-standing history of bringing farm-grown produce, picked at the peak of perfection, to our neighborhoods. Personally speaking, I love using fresh ingredients in my recipes, but I also love the taste of fruits and vegetables when they are in season. You may have heard of the term “in season” when used to describe fruits and vegetables, but you might wonder what does it mean? Some produce that are available year-round still have a seasonality to them. So, let’s talk about what the term “in season” means and what produce are in season for the summer.

All fruits and vegetables have a natural cycle of growth. During this time, they become ripe in a certain season during the course of the year. When produce ripen in their natural season, they not only taste better because their flavors have fully developed, but they are less expensive to purchase. You might say, I can get strawberries year-round so they are always in season. Well that would be an incorrect assumption. Certain produce like strawberries are available year-round, but only because they are either being flown in from other countries with warmer climates, being grown in greenhouses, or are being picked before they have had a chance to ripen. Str