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The Best Foods to Eat Pre and Post Workout

Exercising regularly can not only be a stress reliever, but a way to transform our bodies into an image of health. Whether you’re working out to maintain good health or you’re training for a triathlon, physical activity helps us accomplish the goals we set for ourselves and is conducive to health and wellness. They say our body is a temple, but the temple cannot be built without the right building blocks. Along with exercise, our diet compliments the hard work we put in at the gym, in our homes, or even on the pavement. Fueling our bodies with the right foods to keep our energy levels up during a workout, and helping our muscles repair after a workout, is imperative in order to achieve the perfect physique we have in mind. Not only that, but our bodies are able to absorb more nutrients, making soreness, muscle fatigue, and the likelihood of passing out due to exhaustion, less likely.

It is important to eat beforehand because it will help maximize your energy during the workout. When your body is fueled, you have the capability to put all of your effort into the routine, giving you optimal results and higher intensity. It has the added benefit of ensuring you don’t get lightheaded or dizzy from not having enough energy during the workout. Keep in mind that it is wise to eat a light meal or a snack between 3 hours and 30 minutes before you exercise (100-150 calorie snack 30 minutes to an hour before or a light meal an hour to 3 hours before). This gives the body time to digest the food and breakdown the key nutrients needed to aid your workout. Eating a light meal alone isn’t enough though. You have to eat the RIGHT stuff in order to get the most out of your workout. Protein and carbs are what you need to intake! Carbs give your body the long-